How to Juice a Lemon
As you’ll see below, there are a several different ways to juice a lemon. The best way to do it is really a matter of personal preference — in the end, you’ll always get lemon juice.

Wash the lemon

Juice a Lemon

Using the palm of your hand, press down on the lemon and roll the lemon against the cutting board. This will help the lemon to release its juices.

Juice a Lemon

Cut the lemon in half crosswise (through the middle; not from end to end).

How To Juice A Lemon
Here’s one way to juice a lemon (A.): working over a bowl, insert a fork into the cut side of one of the lemon halves.
Juice a Lemon To juice the lemon, twist the lemon and the fork in opposite directions...
Juice a Lemon ...squeezing the lemon against the fork as you turn them.
Juice a Lemon Once you’ve squeezed out most of the juice, you can hold the lemon tightly against the fork and windshield wiper the fork up and down to remove the remaining juice.
Juice a Lemon Remove the fork from inside the lemon and run the side of the fork down the now raggedy edge of the lemon to get the last bits of juice.
Juice a Lemon To help catch any lemon seeds that may fall out during juicing, you can place a strainer over the bowl and juice the lemon through the strainer.
Or, more simply, if any lemon seeds happen to fall into the bowl of juice, you can scoop them out with a spoon.

Juice a Lemon Step

Alternatively, you can (B.) use a handheld citrus press to juice the lemon.
Juice a Lemon Working over a bowl, open the citrus press...
Juice a Lemon ...and place one of the lemon halves inside the citrus press with its flat, cut side facing down.
Juice a Lemon Press the citrus press together to squeeze out the lemon juice.
Juice a Lemon When you’re done, the lemon half will be inverted. The citrus press will typically catch any seeds that may have fallen out.
You can use any of these juicing methods regardless of what kind of citrus fruit you’re juicing. (Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, or whatever you happen to have.) Of course, you may need a larger-sized citrus press to juice something as big as a grapefruit.

A citrus reamer will also do a good job of juicing a lemon. Use it similarly to how you would a fork, pressing and twisting it against the inside of the lemon half while squeezing the lemon half against it.

Of course, you can always just juice a lemon half by squeezing it with your hands.

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