How To Cut Onion Rings



If desired, rinse off the onion.


Carefully, shave off the dirty, hairy-looking root end of the onion by trimming it with a knife.




Be sure to remove only the dirty, hairy part of the root end, and not to cut too deeply into the onion.  (The root will hold the onion together, making it a lot easier to slice or chop because the individual onion layers won’t slide all over the place.



Trim the tip of the onion.


Starting from the tip end of the onion (not the root end) and pulling downward, peel the skin off the onion using your fingers…





…or, very carefully, with the edge of a small, sharp knife.  Discard the skin.


If you’re having trouble getting the skin to peel off, you can gently cut a shallow incision down the skin.





That will give you an edge from which to start peeling.



You can now slice the onion.  If you’re a righty (ie: you hold a knife with your right hand), turn the onion so that its root end faces to the left.  (If you’re a lefty, turn the onion so its root end faces to right.)



Starting at the end of the onion farthest from the root, and working your way toward the root, cut the onion into slices.
You can cut the slices as thick or as thin as you wish.
Be especially careful when cutting the final slice from the onion, as that last piece of onion tends to be rather narrow and can be very wobbly.



For grilling or roasting onion slices, we typically cut the onions into fairly thick slices (usually between 1 and 1-1/2 inches thick).  Keep the onion slices intact; do not separate them into individual rings.
Since onions are round, they tend to wobble on a cutting board.  Be sure to hold the onion steady and be careful when slicing.

To get very thin onion slices, take your time and cut slowly.

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